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WORCESTER, MA—Saying that her range of compelling anecdotes and personal insights had succeeded in captivating all who were present, sources confirmed Tuesday that middle school special-needs teacher Jennifer Ramirez is absolutely killing it at a local dinner party. “Jenny has such a fascinating job; when she went into her whole thing about the methods she uses to get through to her autistic students, we were all totally hooked,” said fellow party attendee Eric Vaught just moments before Ramirez reportedly knocked it out of the park with a touching story about helping a particularly withdrawn student with his art project. “She’s even been trying to shift the conversation to [fellow party attendee] Adam [Howard]’s rec basketball league, but then someone will ask her to explain how she ever manages such a uniquely challenging group of kids when they go on field trips and she’ll go right on back to crushing it. She’s firing on all cylinders right now.” At press time, Ramirez had everyone in the room practically eating out of the palm of her hand by showing them photos of her students on her iPhone.

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