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TEMPE, AZ—Yucca Tap Room patron Danny Foster told sources Tuesday that if Tempe resident Destiny Harris had no desire to field romantic overtures from inebriated male customers, she should not be hanging out in the bar taking drink orders. “She’s just going from table to table, mingling with all the customers, asking every man here what he would like to drink and charging them on behalf of the establishment,” said Foster, noting that it seemed odd of Harris to repeatedly return to Foster’s table and ask his party what they wanted to drink if she wasn’t looking to meet someone. “She brought that table over there a whole round of shots, and she keeps chatting them up about appetizers, which to be honest is rather forward of her. What does she expect to happen if she hangs out alone in a place like this for six hours at a time, wearing that little apron? It just sends the wrong message.” At press time, Foster said that if the woman wasn’t trying to hook up, she shouldn’t hand out little bowls of pretzels to everyone.


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