Woman Trying To Wean Self Off Coffee By Switching To Long Island Iced Tea

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LOS ANGELES—Saying that the reduction in her daily caffeine intake had markedly improved her overall mood and outlook, sales associate Sherri Packer, 32, said Monday that she has made notable progress weaning herself off coffee by switching to Long Island iced tea. “I didn’t realize how dependent on my Starbucks I had become, but I can easily drink two or three of these iced teas and still not get as much caffeine as my usual drink,” said Packer, noting that she was calmer, more easygoing, laughed more often, and experienced far fewer jitters after making the simple switch to a mixture of gin, vodka, rum, triple sec, tequila, sour mix, and a splash of cola. “I can mix it up in the morning and bring it to work in my thermos, so I don’t have to deal with long lines at the coffee shop. It’s a great little pick-me-up. Sure, there’s still caffeine in the cola, but it’s just enough to help keep the cravings away. I only wish I had made the switch sooner.” Packer claims the small change in her routine has decreased the amount of time she used to spend tossing and turning before falling asleep at night, and that her drive to work was both much faster and less stressful.


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