Woman Toys With Idea Of Getting Sister Something Nice They Can Do Together As Gift Before Settling On Candle

Photo: The Onion

PORTSMOUTH, NH—Entertaining dozens of options in her search for the perfect birthday gift, local 27-year-old Alison Levine reportedly spent Friday toying with getting her sister something nice they could do together before settling on a candle. “At first I thought I’d get her a gift certificate so we could bond at a pottery class or something, but then I saw this lavender-scented candle, and I’m pretty sure she likes candles,” said Levine, who had immediately dropped plans to buy craft supplies to make a scrapbook with her sister after spotting the $28 glass jar candle at Anthropologie. “Obviously, it would’ve been cool to get in some quality time with Mary at a spa or pedicure. On the other hand, this candle was on sale, and who can’t use a candle?” At press time, Levine was playing with the possibility of suggesting that she and her sister could take turns lighting the candle and blowing it out.


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