Illustration for article titled Woman Pieces Together Timeline Of Boyfriend’s Past Relationships Like Detective Tracking Zodiac Killer

DEKALB, IL—Painstakingly sifting through multiple social media accounts as she cross-referenced a series of names, dates, and locations, area woman Alexis Gill, 28, reportedly pieced together a timeline of her boyfriend’s past relationships Tuesday like a detective hot on the trail of the Zodiac Killer. “Huh, so it looks like he and this girl Erin were together over Christmas, and then, if I’m reading these old status updates right, they broke up and then got back together again about a month later—but was that while he was still in Detroit?” Gill said aloud in her darkened bedroom before poring over a series of hashtags beside an old Instagram post of her boyfriend and an unidentified brunette as though she were a seasoned law enforcement agent attempting to decipher the Zodiac’s unsolved 1969 cryptograms. “Then there’s the girl he apparently met on his road trip that summer. She makes a reappearance in some of these pictures from Coachella, but that leaves a 10-month gap in between where she’s not tagged in anything—that is, unless she’s the mysterious ‘caligirl99’ who keeps popping up in his Tumblr mentions. I wonder if they slept together?” Sources confirmed that Gill, piecing together clues like an FBI analyst testing a swatch of one of the Zodiac victims’ shirts, later tried to match the various women she had zeroed in on with the thin strip of floral garment that hadn’t been fully cropped from the right side of her boyfriend’s Facebook profile picture.


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