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MOOSE LAKE, MN—Filled with dread at the thought of the upcoming relationship milestone, Erika Moreau, 30, told reporters Thursday she is nervous for dinner this evening, when her boyfriend will finally meet the person she turns into around her parents. “I just don’t know how he’s going to react—she’s a lot to take, you know?” Moreau said of the difficult, obstinate woman she is powerless to avoid becoming when in the same room as one of her parents. “This is a really big step, and I hope she doesn’t scare Trevor off. It’s tough, because my last relationship actually ended not long after my ex met her. She’s just so unpredictable. She’ll fly off the handle over the tiniest things or start giving you the silent treatment for no reason. Ugh. I really hope she doesn’t get too drunk this time.” At press time, sources confirmed Moreau and her boyfriend were stunned into silence after the suddenly irate woman interrupted dinner to scream, “I’m an adult, goddammit—don’t talk to me like I’m stupid!”


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