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TEMPE—Indulging herself with a few moments of impossibly romantic fantasy, local woman Lori Danforth admitted Monday that despite knowing her husband’s socialized smile is not an example of him actually flirting with her it was still enjoyable to pretend that this was in fact the case. “I sometimes like to spend a few moments imagining what life would be like if my husband’s habit of grinning and making eye contact was more than just him being polite,” said Danforth, who despite her rich inner fantasy life, nevertheless remains painfully aware of the true nature of her relationship. “I know neither of us would ever risk the lives we’ve so carefully built by acting on this, so there’s really no use in hoping that it could even lead to anything real. Maybe if I were a little bit younger, things would be different, but for now, it’s just nice to make-believe.” For his part, husband Arthur Danforth confirmed that his grin wouldn’t lead to anything because he has a serious girlfriend.


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