Illustration for article titled Woman Knows Husband Just Acting Affectionate Because He Wants Food

WENHAM, MA—Admitting that it was a learned tactic more than a genuine expression of love, area woman Callie Garrett told reporters Thursday that she knew her husband was just displaying affection because he was hungry. “Oh, it’s so sweet when he runs towards me and starts nuzzling and making little happy noises, even if I really know it’s only because he wants me to feed him,” said Garrett, noting that despite her husband’s motives, she enjoyed the few minutes the two of them spent together while he paced around the kitchen as she prepared his meal. “He’s usually pretty standoffish, hiding in some little corner of the house where I can’t even find him, but as soon as he hears that can opener start, he makes a beeline right towards me.” Garrett added that she was looking forward to the next time her husband decided to cuddle with her in bed, even if she knew it was only because he was cold. 


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