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CHICAGO—Increasingly confused and embittered after noticing several eerie similarities over the course of their chit-chat, local woman Carrie Vance reportedly felt a twinge of betrayal Friday while sitting in the waiting room of her local salon and watching her hairdresser make small talk with another customer. “What the hell? I thought we had something special,” said Vance, looking on in horror as she overheard her hair stylist asking the other woman about her job and the weather just as the two of them had discussed at their first appointment three months earlier. “Now she’s asking her where she’s originally from? Wow, this sort of stings. We had such a nice conversation during my last haircut—I really thought she was opening up to me—and now it’s clear it was all an act. God, I feel like such an idiot.” At press time, Vance reported feeling “completely devastated” after her hairdresser began their follow-up appointment by repeating the exact same smalltalk as when they first met.


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