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NEW YORK—Admitting that she had never suspected anything dubious until recently hearing the details of her significant other’s past, local woman Debra Haas told reporters Thursday that she found it worrying that all of her new boyfriend’s previous relationships ended in breakups. “I could see if only one or two had finished like that, but all of them ending the same way is just a huge red flag,” said Haas, adding that had she known that he had broken up with every single one of his girlfriends, she might have reconsidered becoming intimate with him at all. “I know it’s unfair to judge Stephen by what happened with the other women in his life, but the common denominator in all these failed romances is him. I just wish we had talked about this before we started dating so I could have made a more informed choice about whether to get involved with him or not.” Haas later added that all her doubts were put to ease when she found out that her boyfriend had one very successful, 10-year marriage that he was still currently in.

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