Illustration for article titled Woman Attempting To Cultivate Self-Love Forced To Start Completely From Scratch After Photo Where Nose Looks Kind Of Weird

CHICAGO—Though she has spent years learning to accept that she is a worthwhile person with a lot to offer, area 28-year-old Ashley Connell was reportedly forced to start completely from scratch in her attempts to cultivate self-love Wednesday upon seeing a photograph in which her nose looked a little bit weird. “Oh, God, that is such a bad angle,” Connell said after perusing a friend’s Instagram post and seeing the image that singlehandedly wiped out all her efforts to recognize herself as a person deserving of love and to be happy with the woman she is, regardless of her physical imperfections. “My skin looks good, and my smile is nice, but none of that really matters if my nose is jutting out like that and ruining everything. I know I shouldn’t let it bother me so much, but is that really what other people see when they look at me? Ugh. It’s hideous.” At press time, sources confirmed Connell had taken a step toward recovering her sense of self-worth upon noticing the photo made her look extra skinny.


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