Woman Apologizes To Therapist For Monopolizing Conversation

SPRINGFIELD, IL—Acknowledging that she had self-centeredly done almost all of the talking, area woman Rebecca Walsh apologized to her therapist Friday for monopolizing their conversation. “Sorry—God, I’m not even letting you get a word in edgewise—but I just thought of something really hurtful my mom said to me when I was growing up,” said Walsh, speaking rapidly in hopes of getting the revelation of her childhood trauma out of the way so that her therapist could participate equally in their session. “Seriously, if I’m talking too much, feel free to just tell me to shut up. Sometimes, when I get going about the day my dad walked out on us, I just start blathering on and on, which I know isn’t fair to you.” At press time, Walsh was making a point to ask her therapist if she also occasionally felt lonely and invited her to talk about it.


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