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CHICAGO—Saying there’s just no better way to get the fresh thoughts percolating, local woman Isabelle Garner, 28, told reporters Friday that she gets all her best ideas while showering with two totally ripped hunks. “Whenever I’m feeling a little blocked, I hop in the shower with a couple of stunningly gorgeous Adonises with rock-hard abs, and before I know it, all sorts of new ideas come flooding in,” said Garner, explaining that there must be something stimulating about standing under a jet spray of hot water or pressing up against a pair of muscular, toned bodies that helps put her in a more imaginative frame of mind. “I don’t know whether it’s the soothing pressure of four muscular hands tenderly caressing me or the calming steam emanating from their incredibly sexy physiques, but somehow, the whole experience really gets the juices flowing.” Garner added that going for a walk or taking a nap with two jacked dudes also does the trick.


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