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FAIRBANKS, AK—Though she was all geared up to complain about work when she went out for coffee Tuesday, local woman Laura Roman was reportedly forced to table any discussion of her frustrations after being sidelined by a friend with marital problems. “Goddammit, I was ready to blow off some serious steam about how awful my job has been recently, but then, out of nowhere, Katie bursts into tears and says she’s been having problems with Mark,” said Roman, 38, observing that she couldn’t possibly vent about the client who had yelled at her that morning, not after her friend began talking about how marriage counseling had been a bust and she wasn’t sure things would work out. “As soon as she started telling me she’s been unhappy in her relationship for a while now, I knew there was no way I’d find an opening to mention that I’m long overdue for a promotion. And when she said she thinks Mark might be cheating on her, I realized I wasn’t even going to get to squeeze in an offhand remark about having to work late every night this week.” Sources confirmed that the moment her friend excused herself to use the restroom, a pent-up Roman immediately sent out a half dozen texts to other friends complaining about how her boss has been “a total dick” lately.

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