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BLUE BELL, PA—Saying it would be nice for her cat Joplin to have some company during the day, realtor Christie Marie Wolfe, 34, adopted a second cat Tuesday for Joplin to terrorize while she is at work. “I hate to leave the poor guy alone all day, so I figured it’d be nice for him to have a companion cat to stalk across the dining room and corner in the pantry,” said Wolfe, whose busy schedule means she often leaves Joplin at home to shred his toys and the household furniture. “I feel better knowing that, while I’m out at the gym or hanging with friends, Joplin has someone to intimidate and bully. I can’t wait to come home and find him hissing and relentlessly swatting at his new little buddy.” At press time, Wolfe had taken to social media to post videos of “the new fuzzball” cringing motionless beneath her couch.


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