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NAMPA, ID—From the photos she would have wanted displayed beside her casket to the song the organist should play as mourners arrive, the posthumous wishes of Evelyn Palantz have changed markedly during the planning of her funeral, sources reported Wednesday. “We’ll take three bouquets of white roses—wait, no, the lilies. Mom liked those too,” Palantz’s son Derek reportedly told a local florist after earlier switching up the food that would be served at the wake from their mom’s favorite homemade lasagna to several pre-made platters from the local grocery store, since he and his siblings agreed their mother would have wanted enough food options on hand so that everyone could have something they liked. “How long will that take to put together? You know what, never mind, let’s just go with daisies if those are the quickest. Mom wouldn’t have wanted anything too extravagant anyway.” At press time, the relative tapped to deliver Palantz’s eulogy had shifted from Aunt Gina, to Aunt Evelyn, to Uncle Mark.


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