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DALLAS—Calling it his own personal blessing to the bride and groom, wedding caterer Isaac Bellacosa told reporters Wednesday that he likes to throw in a few extra potatoes for the reception dinner if it looks like the couple is genuinely in love. “If the connection seems like the real deal, I’ll give them some more roasted potatoes free of charge as a little wedding present from me,” said Bellacosa, explaining that seeing such genuine happiness between two people warms his heart and warrants additional helpings of the side dish. “If I can tell just by the way they look into each other’s eyes that they’re soulmates destined to spend the rest of their lives together, I might surprise them not only with extra potatoes but also a seasonal vegetable medley they hadn’t even asked for.” At press time, Bellacosa was half-heartedly scooping onto a platter precisely the amount of roasted potatoes ordered by a couple whose marriage he was sure would not last a year.


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