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BRYN MAWR, PA—In a blasphemous act of disloyalty against the rightful movement, local man Joseph Fischer stated Tuesday that “We can have differences of opinion and still respect each other,” exposing himself as a cowardly betrayer of the one true cause. “Even though we disagree on this issue, I’m glad we can have discussions like this to further our own understanding and grow as people,” said Fischer, expressing his complicity in the agenda of the enemy faction and taking his place in history alongside Benedict Arnold and Judas Iscariot as an irredeemable traitor. “We both want to make things better. We just have different ideas about how to accomplish that goal. It actually sounds like we have a lot to learn [as heretics engaged in misguided and clearly dangerous rhetoric].” Fischer, the foul and perverse abettor of evil, went on to surrender the last remaining shred of his dignity by insisting that he’d love to establish an open line of communication.


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