Illustration for article titled Waitress Parades Choice Of Pie Slices In Front Of Man Like Madam In High-Class Brothel

ANN ARBOR, MI—Assuring the man that even his wildest desires could be fulfilled, waitress Lana Collins paraded a selection of pie slices in front of a customer Wednesday like a madam in a high-class brothel. “Key lime, French silk, caramel pecan; simply say the word and the tasty little morsel will be yours,” said Collins, 45, displaying the desserts as if she was a procurer at a luxury Parisian cathouse showcasing her best, most expensive escorts. “An evening of pleasure and decadence awaits, whether you choose the apple pie à la mode or the chocolate cheesecake or any of these fine treats laid out before you. Perhaps sir would prefer the brownie sundae? Ah, ah, you may look, but you may not touch just yet.” Following the man’s decision to have both the lemon meringue pie as well as the peach cobbler, Collins had reportedly snuck into the kitchen to give the three some privacy.


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