Visit Home Reveals Parents Currently Watching Previously Undiscovered Game Show

MOBILE, AL—Saying that the program's flashing lights and rapid-fire question-and-answer rounds were unlike anything previously known to humanity, 24-year-old Adam Green told reporters Friday that he had found his parents watching an entirely undiscovered game show during his trip home Friday. “I have no idea what that show was—some sort of timed competition—but they seemed pretty into it, and Mom was even yelling out answers and commenting on all the prizes," said Green, noting that his parents were eager to inform him how several earlier contestants had been ousted from the program during an elimination round, a seemingly involved process that, despite careful analysis, Green himself had no basis for understanding. “It was impossible to tell if the show was new or if it was running in syndication. And I didn't catch the show's name, but I think it was something like Grab The Money or maybe Quizbusters. I know the host was named 'Alec,' but that's about it.” Green noted that this was the most intriguing development since his discovery in 2013 that his parents each apparently possessed a never-before-documented brand of smartphone.


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