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PHOENIX—Expressing frustration with the constant interruptions, veterinarian Dr. Kate Ludlow wished Friday that the overbearing owner of Bella the pug would let the dog answer one goddamn question. “Christ, I’m trying to get information from Bella about why she’s come in today and her owner keeps butting in before she even has a chance to respond,” said Ludlow, adding that she realized that the appointment would be exasperating when she offered the 14-pound pug a treat and her pushy owner piped up too say Bella probably wouldn’t eat it because she’s nervous about being at the vet. “It’s like, hello, I’m talking to the patient, but you’re not letting her get a word in edgewise. Who do you think knows better about whether her paw hurts, you or the limping dog? I might just send her to the waiting room so I can talk candidly with Bella without having to hear her idiotic opinions on what’s wrong.” At press time, Ludlow was incensed after the dog’s owner insisted she be given Bella’s medication so she could dose it out herself. 


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