Vase Of Flowers On Kitchen Table Probably Memorial For Person Who Died There

KENT, OH—In what has been described as a solemn yet moving commemoration, sources reported Monday that a flower arrangement placed on a kitchen table in a local home was likely a memorial to a person who had died there under tragic circumstances. “It’s so sad to see. Makes you wonder what happened here,” said Jake Thompson, 32, observing that the memorial also included two lit candles, two wine glasses, and a bottle of Chianti, which he guessed might have been a nod to the victim’s love of Italy. “Maybe they choked to death during a meal? How horrible. Or—God, I hope it wasn’t a poisoning. In any event, it was really thoughtful of someone to put this here as a tribute.” At press time, reports confirmed the discovery of stuffed animals in a crib upstairs, apparently a memorial to a small child who had died in the bedroom.


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