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BOSTON—Mobilizing from various corners of the seating area to form a unified front, an unlikely team of allies at Logan International Airport rallied together at gate B32 to take on the American Airlines boarding agent, sources reported Friday. “If we’re allowed two carry-ons I don’t get why we’re being told to check one of our bags under the plane,” said irate 39-year-old mother of two Maddie Cerano, the leader of the newly formed alliance of Boarding Group 3 members, flanked by a diverse array of compatriots that included a Northeastern University sophomore, a businessman en route to a professional conference, and an older couple. “The whole reason we brought carry-ons is so we don’t have to go through baggage claim. This is ridiculous.” At press time, a self-interested member of the alliance had reportedly betrayed his comrades by agreeing to take a “gate check” tag, affixing it to his suitcase, and then quietly ripping it off halfway down the jet bridge before boarding the plane.


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