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FOX CHAPEL, PA—Asserting that the gesture would mean a lot more coming from all of them, local unemployed man Jeff Thomas reportedly made one final push to his siblings Friday suggesting that they all go in together on a group Mother’s Day gift. “I think Mom would really appreciate it if we got her something nice that was from the three of us,” the jobless 34-year-old wrote in an email to his brother and sister, saying that if they grabbed the gift he would be happy to pick out a thoughtful card, the same arrangement he reportedly proposed to each of them individually in separate phone calls earlier in the week. “Maybe we could all split a gift basket, or maybe a gift certificate or something. I’ll bring the card over and we can all sign it. I think she’d really like that.” At press time, Thomas was attempting to talk his siblings back from their suggestion that they all take their mother out to a big brunch where they could present her with the group gift, arguing that she would probably appreciate some relaxing time at home on Sunday morning instead.


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