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LEANDER, TX—Following delivery of the sealed, handwritten letters to every member of the cast, it reportedly remained unclear Thursday why stagehand Kirk Weiland had composed heartfelt little notes to all the actors who appeared in the Leander Playhouse’s staging of The Sound Of Music. “I think I was introduced to him at some point during the production, but other than that, I don’t recall ever interacting with him,” said Gina Kelsey, who portrayed Maria von Trapp and, like each of her castmates, expressed bafflement on the last night of the show’s run when she received a personalized message from Weiland written in a neat hand on nice-looking stationery. “In the note, he addresses me as ‘Gina the Machina,’ which is weird, because no one’s ever called me that before. Then he goes on to say he’ll always remember how hard we laughed when [castmate] Mallory [Tyler] auditioned for Mother Abbess, but I really don’t remember him or any of the crew being around for that. I suppose I might have said hello to him once or twice during tech week, but I honestly can’t say I know him otherwise.” At press time, sources confirmed Weiland was standing near the hors d’oeuvre table at the closing-night cast party and had yet to make eye contact with anyone.

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