Illustration for article titled Unclear If Store Called ‘Casa Spazio’ Sells Leather Sofas Or Pizzas

CHICAGO—Saying that the sign out front offered no clear evidence as to the nature of the business, onlookers were reportedly unable to determine Tuesday whether a storefront bearing the name “Casa Spazio” belonged to an establishment that sold leather sofas or pizza. “It’s got a beautiful, ornate sign and big glass windows, which could go either way,” said passerby Lisa O’Malley, 42, confirming that she was able to make out a plush couch through the window but noting that it was possible the furniture was there for diners to sit on until their table was ready. “I guess ‘Spazio’ could refer to a pizza-making region in Italy, but it’s equally likely that it’s the name of a renowned Italian leatherworking family. If I squint my eyes, I’m pretty sure I can make out a bottle of Galliano, which makes me think pizza place, but then again they might be using that to showcase the end table underneath it. Damn it.” At press time, O’Malley added that moving close enough to hear the Frank Sinatra music emanating from the store’s speaker system had done little to alleviate the ambiguity.

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