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HERSHEY, PA—Noting the unprecedented display of effort, Harrington family sources confirmed Thursday that Uncle Jeff put a lot more thought than usual into the gift cards he bought for everyone this Christmas. “Wow, he really must have spent a lot of time at Target picking out just the right prepaid gift card for every member of the family,” said niece Tamara Harrington, adding that it was a vast improvement over last year, when the entire family received $10 gift cards to Ruby Tuesday. “It seems like he actually thought about things that we like. He knows I enjoy reading, so he got me a Barnes & Noble gift card. And he got my younger brother a Best Buy gift card, because he’s really into computers, video games, and that stuff. He just gave my sister a generic Visa gift card, but she’s always been hard to shop for.” Sources confirmed that Uncle Jeff also showed an unheard-of attention to detail this year by bringing a tub of Cool Whip to go along with the store-bought pumpkin pie that he contributed to Christmas dinner.


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