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CHICAGO—Evidently perceiving a distinct change in the Turkish restaurant’s atmosphere, dinnertime sources confirmed that eatery Taste Of Istanbul was thrown into complete disarray Tuesday by the entry of a single customer. “A couple guys were sorting silverware as I walked in, but once they noticed me, they just hauled ass to the kitchen, where there was hurried conversation for a few moments before someone in the back shouted that I could sit anywhere I like,” said the lone patron, 33-year-old Sam Schonart, who further elaborated that several employees eventually approached his table to take his order, each of them setting down a separate cup of Turkish tea. “I asked the waiter about the soup of the day. He excused himself to check, but it took him around 10 minutes to figure it out. A bunch of little kids were running in and out of the dining room the whole time, so I guess it’s a family-run place? There were also a bunch of older guys playing backgammon in the side room, and I wasn’t sure if they were customers or what, but one of them did ask if I was enjoying my meal. Actually, I felt kind of bad because everyone seemed much more relaxed before I got there.” Schonart, who later became certain he had been forgotten, was halfway out the door when his order of doner kebab was placed on his table.


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