Illustration for article titled Totally Unknown Guy Strolling Around Your Part Of Office For Some Reason

YOUR OFFICE—Suddenly reappearing at your workplace after two visits late last week, sources confirmed Tuesday that a totally unknown guy is once again strolling around your part of the office for some reason. The well-dressed man, who not even coworkers who have been at your company for a long time could identify, is reportedly perfectly at ease placing a call in a vacant cubicle and has been seen through the glass conference room door apparently conducting meetings. According to witnesses, the man has also referred to your immediate supervisor as well as the head of your entire department by their first names, and has been observed standing with both of them and gesturing toward your general work area. At press time, this guy you don’t know anything about was suddenly asking if you could chat with him for a few minutes, a request reportedly made to no one else.

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