Illustration for article titled Tollbooth Attendant Wishes Just One High-Speed Chase Would Crash Through Entry Bar

FRAMINGHAM, MA—Saying that it’s something he finds himself thinking about regularly, local tollbooth attendant Bruce Daley told reporters Friday he would just once like to see a fleeing criminal smash a vehicle through one of his toll plaza’s lowered traffic barriers at full speed. “I’m not a demanding guy, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want a front-row seat as some guy blasted through the gate followed by four state troopers in hot pursuit,” said Daley, lamenting that in his 17 years manning a tollbooth on the westbound Massachusetts Turnpike, he hadn’t even witnessed anyone so much as bump the metal bar, let alone tear through it going 90 miles per hour. “If he was driving fast enough with a big enough car, he’d probably rip the thing right off its hinges and send it flying dozens of feet into the air. I don’t think seeing that up close is too much to ask.” Daley added that he would be pretty upset if the scenario ended up playing out in an adjacent toll lane and not his own.


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