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BAIRDSTOWN, OH—Admitting he was initially baffled by the unexpected present, area man Troy Williams figured that things must be getting pretty serious for his girlfriend’s dad to gift him a bottle of BBQ sauce, sources confirmed Tuesday. “Kyla and I have only been exclusive for about three months, but now that her dad made this gesture of goodwill by mailing me BBQ sauce, I guess the pressure’s on,” said Williams, motioning to the 20-ounce container of Lillie’s Carolina Barbecue sauce now sitting on his kitchen counter. “The note said Kyla told him we cooked ribs once and that this sauce is great on ribs so I should have it. I guess this is a sign that he’s welcoming me into their family? Is this some kind of test?” Williams confirmed plans to fire up the grill this weekend and have his girlfriend send her father a photograph of them consuming the BBQ sauce, which he hopes will send a clear message that he respects Kyla and appreciates her family.


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