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LOCK HAVEN, PA—Calling him the most promising recruit he’s seen in a decade of coaching, tennis instructor Thomas Petrov confirmed Thursday that he sees real potential in his student Aiden McDavid’s family income. “From his expensive Babolat racket to the brand-new Nikes, I can tell this kid’s parents have everything I’m looking for,” said Petrov, noting that he saw promise in Aiden the moment his parents dropped him off at practice in a brand-new Mercedes Benz sedan. “I’ve mentored a lot of kids throughout the years, and I can tell that Aiden’s special—his parents aren’t just some lawyers or mid-level executives, they’re running a hedge fund. Some kids show hints of potential, but these people are rocking Cartier watches and vacationing in Italy. They’re the real deal.” At press time, Petrov convinced Aiden’s parents that he could be something really special after watching the teen pack up his supplies in an $1,200 Burberry duffel bag.

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