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NEW ALBANY, OH—Commenting upon the odd feeling produced by the chance encounter, local teenager Evelyn Hildebrand confided to reporters Thursday that she was “totally weirded out” after running over her English teacher, Ted Miller, outside of school. “It took me by surprise because he just kind of appeared out of nowhere, and I’m not used to seeing Mr. Miller like that,” said the high school junior, adding that she was startled when Miller suddenly stepped into the crosswalk, and that she wasn’t certain whether the 32-year-old educator recognized his student in the split second before the car smashed into him and drove over his body. “At first, I wasn’t even sure it was him. He’s always very reserved and formal when he’s teaching, so it was strange to come across him in a completely different situation like that, one where he was covered in blood and writhing. It was pretty awkward. I just tried to get out of there as quick as I could.” At press time, Hildebrand confirmed she was crossing her fingers in the hope Miller wouldn’t bring up the incident when he had recovered to the point where he was able to return to class.


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