Illustration for article titled ‘iTeam Umizoomi/i Actually Kind Of Interesting,’ Reports Stay-At-Home Dad On Verge Of Full Psychotic Breakdown

SOUDERTON, PA—Lauding the children’s series’ overall quality and specifically noting its commitment to comprehensive world-building, local stay-at-home dad Judd Teudel, who remarked Tuesday that he personally found Team Umizoomi “actually kind of interesting,” was reportedly on the verge of a complete psychotic breakdown. “There’s a surprising amount of depth to the characters,” said Teudel, who has repeatedly struggled with exhaustion and intense feelings of aggravation while providing care for his toddler son. “I never really gave it a chance until recently, but it’s more than just a bunch of kid stuff. There are subtle elements to the storytelling that most kids probably wouldn’t understand, seriously catchy songs, brief reflections of inner desolation, hidden ruminations on estrangement from one’s family and those once so-called friends, and even a surprising wry quality in the way they teach you to, like, measure things. It’s definitely not Paw Patrol, because they actually care about character development, and it doesn’t mock me and everything I once dreamed about like that little shit Caillou.” A bleary-eyed Foster was later seen explaining the serialized nature of the later seasons to his wife after she caught him browsing a Team Umizoomi message board.

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