DENVER—Breathing heavily and leaning against the wall for support as beads of sweat formed on her forehead, local mother Cynthia Applin struggled to lower her heart rate Monday as she came down from the high of having all three of her adult children under the same roof, sources reported. “Oh, my God, the three of them were just here, talking and sharing family meals together—that was so intense,” the tremoring 55-year-old said, reeling from a spell of dizziness as she described the euphoria of seeing her 27-year-old son, 24-year-old daughter, and college-age son all seated next to one another at the dinner table. “I was buzzed out of my mind when they all arrived a few days ago, but when I realized they were each sleeping in their childhood bedrooms right down the hall from me, it felt like I was flying straight upward and my heart was ready to burst—I could barely even handle it. God, what a fucking rush.” At press time, sources reported that Applin had decided to chase another high by looking at some old photos of her children in their Easter clothes.