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BOSTON—Admitting he only knew the guy for “a couple weeks, tops,” local cardiac surgeon Dr. David Griffiths told reporters he was sorta bummed about losing his patient Brian Fields, but it’s not as if they were close or anything. “You never want to lose a patient on the operating table, but it’s not like I’m going to miss him personally,” said Griffiths, noting that while the situation was “definitely super shitty,” the only thing Fields seemed to want to talk to him about was the coronary bypass surgery, and the two “never hung outside of the hospital,” so he’s “not about to go home and cry.” “What, am I just going to get upset over every patient I lose? Breaking it to his children was tough, but, then again, they’re not my kids, so what do I care? The dude totally seemed nice enough, but I’m obviously not going to lose sleep over it.” Griffiths added that if they had, in fact, been good friends he probably would’ve done a way better job with the surgery.


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