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MAUI COUNTY, HI—Expressing surprise at the unexpected realization, sources confirmed Thursday that the sun setting over a tropical beach was actually kind of beautiful in its own way. “It might not have a traditionally attractive aesthetic, but if you look at just the right angle, there’s something sort of pretty about the deep orange hues of the sun setting on sparkling sand and crystal-clear water,” said onlooker Amma Withers, admitting that feeling the warmth of the sun’s fading light against her skin and the coolness of the water lapping at her feet as seabirds called to each other quietly in the distance had a certain undeniable charm. “Not everyone would necessarily be able to see it, but gazing at the clouds illuminated by a lush, technicolor glow isn’t altogether terrible. In fact, I’d go so far as to say it’s even pleasant in a weird sort of way.” At press time, Withers added that she couldn’t help feeling that there was something almost bittersweet about coming across a turtle that had suffocated on a plastic bag. 


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