Sudden Resurfacing Of File Called ‘Lyrics.doc’ A Chilling Reminder Of Life Thought Left Behind

SYRACUSE, NY—Sending a surge of long-dormant, unwanted memories coursing through 27-year-old Chris Bellinger’s mind as he searched his laptop for an unrelated document Friday, the sudden resurfacing of a file called “Lyrics.doc” reportedly brought forth a chilling reminder of a life the local man thought he left behind years ago. “Oh God, I forgot all about these,” said Bellinger of the perfectly preserved lyrics contained in the nine-page Microsoft Word file created in September 2010 and last modified on July 19, 2011, which ranged from a completed song titled “Black Highway” to a number of stray verses irregularly spaced throughout the document, all a haunting relic of a time in the communications manager’s life that he would just as soon never revisit again. “Jesus, look at this stuff. What was I even thinking? Oh, no, there’s even some rap lyrics in here.” At press time, a visibly unsettled Bellinger was quickly dragging a long-repressed folder named “Album Cover Ideas” into the trash rather than look upon what horrible JPEG images he had collected within.


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