Sudden Burst Of Confidence Not Sure Where The Hell It Came From Either

SACRAMENTO, CA—Taken aback by the seemingly random nature of its appearance this afternoon, the sudden burst of confidence that overtook local office worker James Greenbaum told reporters that it was not sure where the hell it came from either. “It’s crazy—one minute I’m nowhere to be found, then the next I’m sprouting up from deep within James’ psyche. Needless to say, I was just as baffled as he was,” said the temporary feeling of poise and determination, adding that it had very limited experience with Greenbaum in the past and was both surprised and a bit uncomfortable to find itself inside the 30-year-old junior data management associate. “James was just minding his own business, and then—boom—I show up making him, of all people, feel fearless and self-assured. I don’t think either of us can make any sense of this one.” The burst of confidence added that it would do everything in its power to never return to Greenbaum again.


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