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SAN BERNARDINO, CA—Admitting that she never imagined she would ever have to make such a difficult decision regarding the well-being of her infant, struggling single mother Libby Hartman, 26, disclosed Tuesday that she was seriously considering putting her baby up for audition. “I’ve tried almost everything, but money has been really tight since little Braden’s dad left, and while of course I never wanted it to come to this, it just seems like the best option for everyone might be an open audition,” said the young mother, noting that a well-established and ethical agency could give her six-month-old son a chance to portray a healthy, normal life in print catalogs or perhaps even on a TV show. “I’ve been working extra shifts for a while now, but the bills keep piling up. I don’t want my baby to grow up like this when so many casting directors out there are without children. I’m sure some people will criticize my choices, but I’ve put a lot of thought into this, and I know my little Braden will make some talent agent very happy. Just look at those chubby cheeks!” At press time, Braden had been placed with a loving family in a Target flyer.

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