EDMOND, OK—Amazed at how quickly the boy had answered four consecutive questions, local man Kevin Gibson said Monday that his stepson was absolutely nailing the Jeopardy! category about the Third Reich. “Wow, Kyle just rattled off the name of the Nazi Party anthem like it was nothing,” said a stunned Gibson, adding that the 17-year-old not only knew the exact date Lithuania surrendered Memel to Germany, but he also responded lightning-fast the very second Alex Trebek finished reading the clue. “The first question was kind of easy, but then there was one about some random concentration camp in Poland, and instantly he was just like, ‘Oh, that’s Majdanek.’ Meanwhile, all three contestants just stood there like there was no way anyone was gonna know this.” At press time, Gibson thought his stepson had finally guessed wrong, only for the show to issue a correction minutes later.

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