Stealing Tampons From Office Bathroom Currently Woman’s Only Source Of Joy

SEATTLE—Saying the small act of defiance helped to brighten her otherwise dejected mood these days, local woman Becca Curran told reporters Friday that stealing tampons from her office’s bathroom was currently her only source of joy. “Given the way everything’s been going lately, grabbing a handful of tampons and stuffing them into my bag has become the one thing I can really count on to lift my spirits,” said the 28-year-old billing specialist, who added that while the current sociopolitical climate makes it nearly impossible to feel optimistic about anything, purloining the feminine hygiene products every time she enters the office restroom remains a genuine pleasure and is reliably the highlight of her workday. “When I see that fully stocked basket sitting there on the countertop just ripe for the picking, it actually makes my day a bit better. I like knowing that I won’t have to pay for my own tampons and that I’m also taking advantage of my company’s resources. It’s really all I’ve got left to feel good about right now.” Curran added that she had no idea how the millions of women whose workplaces don’t provide free tampons were coping.


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