NEW YORK—In an astonishing coincidence of aligning personal interests, local 29-year-old Brad Holdtman reported last night that his 28-year-old blind date Pauline Geary is, just like him, a fan of the rock band the Beatles. “During dinner we started talking about music, and I happened to mention that I like the Beatles, and then—what are the odds?—she told me she likes the Beatles, too,” an astonished Holdtman told reporters, shaking his head in delighted surprise. “I couldn’t believe it! And not only is she a fan, she’s actually familiar with a lot of the songs that were never hit singles, like “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” and “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds.” She’s even into that big medley at the end of Abbey Road, which is one of my favorite Beatles recordings ever. Amazing!” At press time, Holdtman had spoken on the phone with Geary and was shocked to discover that she also enjoys both part one and part two of The Godfather.