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ROCKFORD, IL—Saying that the jovial drawing will forever signify their bond of goodwill, local father Gary Ericson confirmed Tuesday that a smiley face doodled on their Buffalo Wild Wings meal check commemorates the undeniable chemistry between their waiter and the Ericson family. “Ever since Jason introduced himself by name and asked if he could start us off with anything to drink, I knew we had a connection,” said Ericson, recalling their server’s warm greeting, enthusiastic recommendation of the passion fruit iced tea, and frequent visits to the table to inquire as to how everything was going so far, all demonstrating a deep personal commitment and the foundation for what shall surely be a lifelong friendship. “The way he reacted when, after he asked how we had enjoyed our food, and I claimed it was terrible—even though I’d already finished all my wings? You don’t get that sort of delighted laughter from anyone but a bosom friend. And now, this smiley face stands forever as symbol of and monument to that very friendship.” Ericson sealed the eternal bond between Jason and his clan by leaving a 10 percent tip.

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