FREMONT, CA—Hoping to reach a consensus should the timeline of the prior evening come under scrutiny, Samantha Lu, 11, and her six sleepover guests reportedly got their story straight about when exactly they went to bed. “Okay, we watched The LEGO Batman Movie, brushed our teeth, and went to bed at 10, got it?” said Lu, telling her friends to dispose of any evidence that might suggest a post-midnight water gun fight or a Sour Skittles eating competition. “Whatever you do, don’t go blabbing about the prank calls to 7-Eleven, and definitely don’t bring up the fact we snuck out to check out that weird house down the block. As far as you’re concerned, none of that ever happened. We’ll be fine if everybody sticks to the script.” At press time, a panicking Lu was telling her parents that some of the other kids might have stayed up late to play video games even though she went to bed right on time.