Serial Killer Makes Impassioned Case For Protecting Local Marsh

Illustration for article titled Serial Killer Makes Impassioned Case For Protecting Local Marsh

CHESTER, KY—Expressing his fear that development would destroy the pristine and secluded location, area serial killer Anthony Ray Holbroke made an impassioned plea for town leaders to enact measures protecting a local marsh, sources confirmed Friday. “These beautiful wetlands are one of the rare spots of untouched nature left in the area, and people need to understand that when they’re gone, they’re gone forever,” said the man who has been linked to the recent disappearances of four college-aged women in the region, adding that cutting down the site’s dense vegetation or draining the marshland would be devastating for the local community. “We’re lucky to have such a beautiful and truly remote spot, and I believe we have an obligation to ensure it remains undisturbed by man. Allowing anything to happen to this magnificent marsh would be nothing short of a tragedy.” Sources say Holbroke has voiced equal concern with the proposed development of a small patch of forest just off Interstate 64.


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