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BOSTON—Scrounging together any fresh ingredients he could find, local man Marcus Barrow confirmed Wednesday that the second meal after his grocery trip was a severe dropoff from his first meal after the trip. “I had this whole week of meals planned out, but yesterday was a whole thing and I just don’t have the energy to figure this out,” said Barrow, who had planned to make a roast chicken before realizing he had already run out of fresh herbs and forgotten to buy olive oil on the previous day’s shopping trip. “I was gonna roast carrots with this, but I ate them raw for lunch after getting overwhelmed trying to make the sauce for a croque monsieur. The strawberries are already bad, I ate the fresh bread, and I don’t know where I put the tomatoes, so I guess I’ll just throw some peanut butter on some rice cakes and call it dinner. I mean, I already made sausage-and-bean soup last night, I’m not a machine.” At press time, Barrow was pouring coffee creamer intended for coffee he did not make over cereal in place of the milk he had already finished.


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