Sears Gold Card Holder Pushing Weight Around Area Sears

MCKEESPORT, PA—Auspiciously attired in khaki Dockers and a Structure-brand blazer, longtime Sears Gold MasterCard holder Larry Halfhill, 52, used his elite status to order around employees and cut in front of non-gold-card-carrying customers at the retail chain, sources at West Hills Shopping Center reported.

"He insisted that he be taken to the back and shown the 'good Kenmores,'" said an unnamed juniors department employee who additionally alleged that Halfhill was "very difficult" while posing for his picture in the Sears Portrait Studio. "We would have asked him to leave, but, well, what could we do? He had a Sears Gold Card."

Before leaving, Halfhill announced that the next time he returns to the store, the attendant at the auto center had "better class himself up a bit" or Halfhill would personally write a letter to Mr. Sears himself.

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