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AUSTIN—Expressing deep concern for his child’s well-being if he were to follow in his father’s footsteps, Russian roulette champion Hector Smith told reporters Thursday that he personally wouldn’t let his son play Russian roulette. “Back when I started playing, safety wasn’t a huge priority, but now as a parent knowing all the health risks involved, I wouldn’t let my kid set foot in that circle,” said Smith, citing recent harrowing MRI images depicting the potential damage that the game may cause to the brain. “I feel lucky that I’ve had so much success, but even so, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s an activity that teens should get involved in. I’ve seen a lot of great young men get cut down in their prime from head injuries, and it dramatically reduces their chances of living a full, healthy life. You can think of it as just a game, but it actually can have some severe consequences.” At press time, Smith was urging his son to participate in less dangerous activities, such as rapidly stabbing a knife between your fingers. 

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