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ROXBOROUGH, PA—Wondering what kind of honor a company bestows upon a part-time clerical employee, the family of local woman Maureen Tavlin, 51, reported Wednesday there was simply no way of knowing whether the vague award their mother received at work was a big deal or what, exactly. “She got this little plate that looks kind of like a trophy and might be important, I suppose, but the inscription just says ‘For your contributions,’ which could mean anything, really,” said son Brian Tavlin of the award presented to his mother at “some sort of banquet” that sounded like it might’ve been kind of fancy, but also could have been just a regular lunch. “Maybe everyone at the company gets an award? Then again, she said everyone clapped for her, which makes it seem like more of a special thing. I’ve always gotten the impression she doesn’t really care that much about her job, though, so who knows? It’s nice she got something, I guess.” At press time, Maureen Tavlin was reportedly putting the award up on her mantlepiece, which sources said could be a sign she was proud of it or could just mean she didn’t know what else to do with it.

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